Easy Steps to Wear Shoes Comfortably with Sunburned Feet

Easy Steps to Wear Shoes Comfortably with Sunburned Feet

Sunburned feet can be a real bummer, especially when you’ve got places to be and shoes to wear. It’s not just about the discomfort, but also the potential damage to your skin. But don’t worry, you’re not alone in this struggle, and there are solutions.

You might think it’s impossible to wear shoes without causing more pain or damage. However, with a few smart strategies, you can still rock your favorite pair while your feet heal. In this article, we’ll guide you on how to wear shoes with sunburned feet.

We’ll delve into the best types of shoes to wear, how to prepare your feet before putting them on, and additional tips to speed up the healing process. So, let’s get your feet back on track and into those shoes without any further ado.

Key Takeaways

  • Choose shoes made from natural, breathable materials like canvas or genuine leather to minimize irritation. Sneakers, open-toe sandals, and soft-soled shoes are preferable.
  • Prepare your feet properly before wearing any shoes by hydrating and protecting your sunburned skin.
  • While healing, shield your feet from further sun exposure and keep them dry with moisture-wicking socks. Switch out shoes whenever possible to relieve pressure.
  • Invest in shoe accessories like insoles, orthotic inserts, and moisture-wicking socks for additional comfort and healing support.
  • Regularly rotate your shoes, hydrate your skin properly, and avoid tight footwear to ease discomfort and expedite your healing process.
  • Following proper shoe care practices like loosening laces, regular cleaning, and using antibacterial products can make the recovery journey from sunburn more manageable.

When dealing with sunburned feet, choosing the right footwear is crucial for comfort. Articles like “How to Treat Swollen, Sunburned Feet” from Healthline provide tips on treating sunburn, which can make wearing shoes more bearable. For feet treatment, “Ways to Make Your Feet Feel Better” from WebMD lists ways to treat your feat in a gentle and supportive way.

Choose the Right Shoes

Choose the Right Shoes

Step one in successfully navigating to your life with sunburned feet is to select the right pair of shoes. Unfortunately, not all shoes are created equal when it comes to comfort and breathability—two crucial factors for this situation.

In general, stay away from high heels, tight shoes, and shoes made of synthetic materials. These can create unnecessary pressure and heat, which can further inflame and irritate your sunburned feet.

You’re probably wondering: “What type of shoes should I wear then?”

Well, it’s best to opt for shoes made from natural materials, such as canvas or genuine leather. These materials allow your feet to breathe, keeping them cool and reducing irritation from friction.

Sneakers and athletic shoes

Sneakers, especially those designed for long-wearing comfort, are a good choice. They often have cushioned insoles and breathable (often mesh) uppers, providing maximum comfort and ventilation.

Open-toe sandals

Look to open-toe sandals as another great option. Sandals create minimal friction against your feet, allowing for optimal airflow around the sunburned area. But remember to choose a pair with soft straps to avoid potential discomfort.

Soft-soled shoes

Keep in mind that soft-soled shoes are your friend. The less rigid the sole, the more comfort you’ll feel as you move. Some examples include slingbacks, loafers, or moccasins.

And one last tip: when trying on shoes, consider the time of day. Feet often swell up during the day, especially if they’re sunburned. So it’s better to try shoes on in the late afternoon when your feet are at their biggest. This way, you’ll be sure to pick a pair that fits well, regardless of swelling.

Choosing the right shoes, though it may seem simple, is critical to both your comfort and the speed of your recovery. So, take your time, do your research, and make sure you choose wisely!

Prepare Your Feet

Prepare Your Feet

When dealing with sunburned feet, it’s essential to Prepare Your Feet before wearing any shoes. You’ll want to step up your foot care routine to ensure the continued comfort and healing of your feet.

Start with a gentle foot soak to soothe sunburn pain. You can use cool water mixed with a bit of aloe vera gel or apple cider vinegar. As both these natural remedies are known to be exceptional treatments for sunburn, they can provide immediate relief. Soak your feet for 15-20 minutes, ensuring you don’t use hot water since it may further irritate the sunburn.

After your foot soak, pat your feet dry with a soft, clean towel. Remember, you need to avoid rubbing or scratching the affected areas. Apply a hydrating, fragrance-free moisturizer or aftersun lotion to help replenish the moisture lost due to sun damage. Keep in mind, an aftersun lotion can be remarkably beneficial for sunburnt skin as it contains aloe vera and other cooling agents.

Hydration is key here. You need to ensure that your sunburned feet are well-hydrated before you put on any shoes. This aids in the healing process and avoids further friction or irritation caused by dry, damaged skin.

Additionally, try using over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream if the sunburn is causing severe discomfort. Along with reducing inflammation, it will also help with the itchiness that often accompanies sunburn.

Lastly, keep a close eye on your condition. If you notice blisters, severe pain, or infection signs, reach out to a medical professional immediately. You should not overlook these symptoms as they might indicate severe sunburn or other underlying issues.

Properly preparing your feet before donning any footwear will make a significant difference in your comfort level and allow your feet to heal more effectively from the sunburn.

Keeping your feet productively pampered and correctly cared for will ensure a smoother, more comfortable footwear experience despite dealing with sunburned feet. This preventive measure will bring about noticeable improvements in your overall foot health and can potentially expedite the healing process. Just remain careful and patient as you let nature take a proactive course for recovery.

Protective Measures

When your feet are sunburned, what you do before sliding on your shoes can make a world of difference. Keep in mind though, protection is key. Here’s what you need to do:

While your feet are still healing, shield them from further sun exposure. Wear socks even when indoors. Use specially designed sunproof socks if available. Remember, sunburn can seriously damage your skin. UV radiation has harmful effects not only on the skin’s surface, but also in the layers beneath.

Moisture-wicking socks are a smart choice. They pull moisture away from the skin. This helps to keep your feet dry, reducing the risk of infection and speeding up the healing process. Look for socks made from materials like merino wool, CoolMax, or synthetic blends. These provide the needed benefits and are widely available.

Next, switch out shoes whenever possible. Stick to open styles, like sandals, provided they don’t rub against the sunburned areas. Changing shoes can alleviate pressure points and give your feet time to breathe.

Choose shoes with soft, cushioned inners, especially if blisters are present. Hard materials can exacerbate your discomfort. Consider investing in insoles with extra padding for a more comfortable fit.

Here are other considerations:

  • Avoid slipping into tight shoes. These can overheat your feet, aggravating your sunburn.
  • Be mindful not to burst any blisters. This can lead to potentially serious infections.

Sunburned feet require extra care and attention when it comes to shoe choices and foot care. Every step matters when it comes to your comfort and recovery. In the next section, we’ll discuss various soothing remedies that can further aid your healing.

Shoe Accessories

Shoe Accessories

Shoe Accessories can make all the difference when you’re dealing with sunburned feet. They not only enhance comfort but also foster healing of the damaged skin. There are a variety of shoe accessories that can be exceptionally beneficial during this period.

Starting off with insoles, these are a real game-changer. Insoles provide an additional layer of cushioning to your feet, which can be especially useful when your skin feels raw and sensitive. You may think, “A firm insole sounds like a great idea.” However, a soft gel-based insole can be more effective in alleviating pressure on your sunburned feet.

Moisture-wicking socks can also be your ally during the healing process. These socks absorb sweat from your feet, thus helping to avoid buildup of moisture that can lead to infections. They also promote circulation and maintain a healthier environment for your skin to heal.

Orthotic inserts aren’t just for correcting feet abnormalities – they can play a crucial role in providing comfort for sunburned feet. They distribute pressure evenly across your foot, minimizing the chances of irritating burnt spots.

Don’t forget about shoe lace alternatives. Keeping pressure off the tops of your feet can be just as important as cushioning the bottoms. Look for no-tie shoelaces or elastic alternatives, which can hold your shoes securely without applying too much pressure.

Toe protectors can also be handy. Especially when you have sunburns in between your toes, they help minimize friction and prevent further discomfort.

As you can see, shoe accessories can do more than just enhancing your shoe’s fit—they can aid your feet’s recovery from sunburn. Opting for the right accessories can make wearing shoes substantially more comfortable during this period.

Additional Tips

Venturing back into your everyday routine with feet that look and feel like they’ve danced too close to the sun can be a challenge. Alongside the targeted footwear accessories highlighted earlier, we’ve gathered some insightful tips to help you cope more comfortably.

Rotate Your Footwear
To prevent the intense concentration of pressure on specific points of your feet, it’s beneficial to rotate your shoes regularly. Try not to wear the same pair for two days in a row. Different shoes apply pressure to various parts of your feet, aiding in the distribution of pressure. This can limit the discomfort of wearing shoes with sunburned feet.

Proper Hydration
Hydrating your skin is another essential step in reducing the impact of the sunburn. Apply aloe vera or a high-quality moisturizer to your feet. It’ll aid in the healing process, reduce peeling and drying, and ease the discomfort significantly. Remember to let your skin dry completely before wearing your shoes.

Avoid Tight Shoes and High Heels
Tight shoes or those with significant elevation add unnecessary pressure to your already sensitive feet. Consider more comfortable options like sandals, athletics shoes, or flats while your sunburn heals.

Some foot exercises can also be beneficial. Aim for gentle movements that improve blood flow without causing undue pain or discomfort. A thoughtful practice could involve:

  • Toe wiggling
  • Foot flexing
  • Ankle circling

These movements can aid in the healing process and reduce the discomfort of shoe wearing during recovery.

Altering Shoe Wear and Care Practices

Strengthen your sunburn recovery with savvy shoe practices. Try loosening the laces or any straps on your shoes. It can help alleviate pressure from the sunburned areas. Also, regular cleaning can keep your shoes free of irritants and bacteria. Consider investing in an anti-bacterial shoe spray or foot powder.
With these additional tips combined with the right shoe accessories, your path to healing from sunburned feet can become a more manageable journey.


So, you’ve learned how to make wearing shoes with sunburned feet bearable. It’s all about using the right shoe accessories, from insoles and moisture-wicking socks to orthotic inserts and toe protectors. You’ve also discovered how to enhance comfort and speed up recovery with simple tips like rotating footwear, hydrating your feet, avoiding tight shoes, and doing gentle foot exercises. Remember, your shoe care practices also matter. Keep those laces loose and your shoes clean. With these strategies, you’ll not only survive wearing shoes with sunburned feet, but you’ll also help your feet heal faster. Now, you’re ready to step out with confidence, even with sunburned feet.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main shoe accessories mentioned in the article?

The article highlights several essential shoe accessories that include insoles, moisture-wicking socks, orthotic inserts, lace alternatives, and toe protectors. These accessories ensure comfort and assist in the healing process of sunburned feet.

How can we improve comfort with sunburned feet?

Improving comfort with sunburned feet begins with incorporating proper shoe accessories, avoiding tight shoes and high heels, and engaging gently in foot exercises. Also, remember to rotate your footwear and alter your shoe wear and care practices like regular cleaning and not overly tightening your laces.

What are the additional tips provided for sunburned feet?

Some additional tips include proper hydration with aloe vera or a recommended moisturizer, altering shoe wear and care practices such as loosening laces, cleaning shoes regularly and rotating the type of footwear you use. These, combined with the right shoe accessories, aid in a faster recovery from sunburned feet.

Are there benefits of using these shoe accessories?

Absolutely, these shoe accessories not only make your footwear more comfortable, but they also aid in the healing process of sunburned feet by enhancing comfort and minimizing further damage to the affected area.

How often should I clean my shoes?

While the article doesn’t specify an exact timeframe, it does suggest to clean your shoes regularly. The frequency can depend on how much use the shoes see and the environments in which they’re worn. However, maintaining a clean shoe environment consistently can significantly elevate foot comfort and health.